Matthew 19:14 (NIV)

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


Hours available: 5 days a week from 9-2pm
NOTE: To qualify, child must be 4 by September 1st

This 5 day a week class offers the continuity of work, relationships, academic concepts and the schedule and routine on a daily basis. We find for these older preschool age children the PRE-K PLUS PROGRAM and the amount of time spent in class lays a solid foundation in the child’s ability to handle the work load in kindergarten the following year.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM THIS PRE-K PLUS PROGRAM? This class intentionally offers opportunities for children to explore in depth and use our ACADEMIC PACKAGE, which incorporates:


  • Zoophonics: letter sounds
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Decoding
  • Word Families i.e. “at” family; hat, mat, cat or “og” family; hog, dog, log etc.
  • Word Webs
  • Comprehension Journaling
  • Beginning site words


  • “Handwriting Without Tears”
  • Directionality
  • Grip
  • Letter and number formation
  • Workbooks (Only this class uses the Handwriting Without Tears workbook)
  • Language of writing letters


  • Estimating
  • Grouping
  • Graphing
  • Simple math addition and subtraction
  • Patterning and Sequencing
  • Measuring


  • Children participate in music class 2 days a week. These children now are able to contribute as they confidently sing in tune and keep a steady rhythm. On the second day of music children will focus on musical instruments i.e. bells and percussion.

We never loose sight of the development of the “Whole Child” which also includes a child’s social/emotional; physical; creative and spiritual growth. The 5 day class has 2 formal conferences a year so as a parent you know exactly how your child is progressing.

Contact Info

Village Church Preschool
6225 Paseo Delicias
PO Box 704
Rancho Santa Fe, CA  92067
Phone: (858) 756-2394
License #372000619
Tax ID # 95-6006164

Preschool Information

  • The Village Church Preschool is a program of the Village Community Presbyterian Church and is licensed by the state of California.
  • Our Preschool is operated on a non discriminatory basis: equal treatment and access to services without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry.
  • We believe as Christians in the worth of every individual and accept each child as he/she is.